The honor to refer to the above, allow us to introduce our company Pest Co. Safwan. BHD. A 100% Bumiputra company with expertise in the field of pest control, particularly termites.

The Company owns PESTS OPERATOR LICENSE (LICENSE NO. PCO/SEL/598/223) and our technical workforce is comprised of those who trained and experienced no less than 10 years in the field of pest control and licensed (User & ASSISTANT LICENSE pesticide users PEST) issued by the BOARD OF PESTICIDES, MALAYSIA.

Together, we attach the company's background information along with the services we offer for your attention and consideration. Our consultants ready to provide any information and advisory services related to the field of pest control (anti-termite) if required and we can be contacted anytime at the number listed.
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Kepakaran Kami

Anti Termite - Soil Treatment
New Building / Building In Construction.

Anti Termite - Corrective Soil Treatment
Existing buildings / buildings that have been completed.

Mosquitoe - Fogging Treatment & Larvaticiding
Control of Aedes mosquitoes and larvae.

General Pest Control
Cockroaches / Ants / Mouse / Flies / Bees / wasps / Lice / Pest And Other.

Fumigation Treatment
Container / Furniture / Ship / Library and so on. 

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Kids Teaching  
Pest Information

Pests can be nuisance, but more importantly it could be a threat to your health.

The different types of pest  such as ants, termites,mosquito, cockroaches etc and their characteristics.