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Bed bug infestations do still occur.Bedbugs are nocturnal insects, feeding at night on blood (particularly human) and hiding in dark places during the day in cracks and crevices like the folds of mattresses and upholstery of chairs.

They have a characteristic odor described as a musty, sweet odor, other signs of infestation include black spots that have been left on surfaces where the insects have been and sometimes blood stains on sheets and mattresses. Bites can be painless and undetectable in some people, but others may be quite sensitive to bites. Itching and welt formation occurs when a person has an allergic reaction.

There are more than 8,000 species of ants known to man. Although most nest outside, they often venture indoors on their endless search for food. Many people are unaware of the potential danger of disease transmission that is associated with ants. This is particularly alarming considering ants are most often found in food storage and food preparation areas. Give Scientific Pest Management® a call now to discuss your ant pest control solutions.
Termites cause more damage costs to buildings than fire, floods, and all other natural disasters in Australia where one in five houses will suffer attack from termites in its life time.Houses built above ground and on concrete slabs are all susceptible to termite attack as termite barriers can be bridged by termites or breached by landscaping, additional building alterations, pavers or concrete paths etc.Regular inspections by a licensed timber pest inspector are the most important part of termite management as the inspector may find termites on your property before any damage is done.

There are many varieties of spiders, though not all are venomous. Spiders usually only bite when provoked, but care should be exercised in all contact with these creatures. Unpopular as they are, few spiders are actually harmful to humans, generally with fangs too weak or small to puncture our skin. The majority are guilty only of annoying us with their habit of building webs across doorways etc and scaring us when we least expect it ! However, destruction of any insect or spider should be avoided unless they are directly detrimental in some way. Spiders can often be beneficial by feeding on insects like flies and crickets, carrying out their role in balancing the ecosystem.

Mites are linked to the increasing prevalence of asthma. Eliminate mites, and avoid another asthma attack. In recent years mites, particularly those that reside primarily in house dust, have been linked to the increasing prevalence of asthma in both adults and children. When accumulations of dust, mites and mite faecal pellets become airborne through activities such as vacuuming or dusting, we inevitably inhale these particles eliciting allergic reactions from susceptible individuals.
Rodents are not only disease carriers but are also very destructive, often causing damage to furniture and timber in the home. Electrical fires can be triggered by rodents by their gnawing on cables and wires. Rodents enter buildings seeking, food, warmth and sometimes water. Our man-made structures provide food and ideal breeding conditions for rodents.
Rats and mice are more than just a nuisance. They cause damage to furniture and timber in the home. They trigger electrical fires by gnawing on cables and wires. They transfer disease by contaminating food, food preparation areas and utensils through contact with their fur, urine and droppings.
Cockroaches contaminate food and carry diseases such as salmonella and diptheria and causing symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Cockroaches share our food, water, shelter, and warmth. They will consume any human food or drink, pet food, dead animals and plant matter including animal and paper products. They breed prolifically in the unseen regions of our homes and businesses. Cockroaches can survive for prolonged periods without food and water enabling them to be transported with goods from one region to another and from country to country via ships and planes. They are the ultimate free loaders. Cockroaches are nocturnal. Apart from seeing them at night, further evidence of a substantial infestation may include droppings, cast-off skins and dead cockroaches - in dark corners, cupboards, pantries and under furniture and white goods.
Good hygiene and elimination of foodstuffs, organic matter and animal excreta are vital to the control of flies.

Although a few flies may be of benefit to nature more often than not flies are a nuisance pest affecting human lifestyles. Diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, amoebic dysentery, giardiasis and worms (pin and tape) are spread mechanically by flies.

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